My vision for Seaside is for Safety, Stewardship & Success!


SAFETY- Investing in City Services including Police & Fire to ensure safety for all residents, students on Campus, and Visitors within Seaside.  A City must be safe in order to Thrive!

STEWARDSHIP- Ensuring Seaside's Future is bright for generations to 

come by having responsible and creative development, maintaining all City assets including Parks, Roads, Vehicles, Infrastructure, Encouraging FORA's sunsetting, Practical and informed water solutions, and, establishing an Economic Development Committee to encourage growth and long-term sustainable careers within Seaside, as well as other plans for ensuring Seaside's Successful future.

SUCCESS!  Fostering a culture of financial transparency within the city that would also include economic growth, continued diversity, lifecycle housing choices including more affordable units and different types of housing, maintaining and updating all public spaces and parks and attracting private investment and more business opportunities within Seaside. 

Priorities will Include:

 -Maintaining, saving, investing in current City services and infrastructure; 

-Overseeing and embracing the changed/future structure of FORA; 

-Ensuring fiscal strength and oversight; -Focusing on economic development, including, but not limited to, affordable housing, transportation needs, 

-Careers/sustainable living wages; 

-Encouraging more discussion, diverse viewpoints, non-partisan cooperation, transparency in chambers as well as more cooperation with other agency partners; 

Ensuring Seaside parks and public spaces are updated, planned, maintained; 

Attracting and driving visionary, diverse, sustainable, responsible development for Seaside.



I hold certificates in leadership, project management and human resources from UC Irvine and George Washington University and a BS in Business, from the University of Minnesota.  I am a Businesswoman and an Organizational Management Advisor with strong leadership skills and experience. My professional experience includes: advising and working with corporations, businesses and non-profits.  

I'm registered as a No Party Preference candidate as I find local CA politics very divisive and understand that local races are to be non-partisian.  In addition, I am a Founding member of Unite America, a movement to elect common sense, independent candidates to office who represent We the People-not party bosses or special interests.  Unite America is a movement to bridge the partisian divide and support 'Country Over Party'.


Please Vote Absentee, or in Person, November 6th

I request your vote in person or by mail for Mayor of Seaside. It would be my honor to serve, ensuring the Safety, Stewardship & Success of Seaside for today, as well as future decades and generations. Thank You!

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