Thank You!


We are very proud of the positive and informational campaign we have run. We are also humbled with 20%+ votes this Mayoral No Party Preference (NPP) campaign has received.  We thank all  Seasiders for their votes, word of mouth sharing, volunteer hours and efforts to get out the Vote!   

Tonight, I spoke with Mr. Ogelsby to congratulate him on the professional campaign he ran and I am hopeful ideas from my campaign including careers, greater transparency and a more welcoming Council environment, greater economic development, plans and funding for all our parks, lifecycle housing, fun activities within Seaside and fiscally responsible spending can be embraced to ensure Seaside continues to move forward. 

Before running, I was concerned with some financial and transparency matters and overall spending within the City and really felt that my candidacy would provide voters another option and choice. Certainly, no candidate or even any Seaside resident, could have predicted that 3 investigations would have been opened in the past 2 months within Seaside; sadly, the 2 investigations still being conducted are addressing financial matters as a result of a current Council Member not following procedure and policies. 

It’s been my honor to meet so many wonderfully diverse, hard working, and concerned Seaside residents, business owners, students and families. As I shared on the campaign trail, I will continue to highlight concerns with the Council.  This campaign has always been about Seaside’s Positive future including Safety, Stewardship and Success for this decade as well as generations to come.

Thank you for your support!